Blue Cheese

The Bold and Tangy Delight: Exploring the World of Blue Cheese

Besides its captivating appearance, this cheese boasts a complexity of tastes ranging from creamy to buttery. It is known for its distinctive blue or greenish-blue veins running through its interior. These veins are formed by the presence of mold, typically…

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What is the typical French coffee?

According to some people, French coffee is filthy. Indeed, travel guides try to avoid the subject, as they find French coffee abject. Coffee made from beans is often bitter. As an explanation, the coffee is so because the beans are…

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Why is the croissant the emblem of France?

In addition to beef bourguignon or baguette, the croissant is one of the most important gastronomic symbols of France. It is most often eaten during French breakfast. The love for this pastry remains intact and is passed on from generation…

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The Kougelhof: a typical Alsatian dessert

For those who do not know it yet or who have never had the opportunity to taste a kougelhopf, you should know that it is a tasty cake made of brioche dough and filled with sultanas. In the past, it…

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The Basque Coast: the land of Espelette chilli pepper

You have probably already heard of Espelette peppers. This is a Basque agricultural product with a worldwide reputation. Present in the most common ingredients of Basque cuisine and even international gastronomy, the Espelette chilli pepper is a dried chilli pepper…

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The pleasures of the table: essential to France!

Every country in the world has its own customs and traditions when it comes to eating at the table. There are those who use different utensils from others like knives, spoons and forks. Others use chopsticks or their own hands…

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Why are French products so successful?

Products made in France are internationally recognised as high quality products. It is true that products from France are more expensive, but it is very advantageous to choose them. French products are unique because of the way they are made….

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