Enjoy the good life in Provence

The south of France has inspired many famous artists with its exceptional beauty. Those looking for a quiet and peaceful destination will certainly appreciate living in Provence. Even though the region is less dynamic than Paris, it has a lot to offer.

Provence, much appreciated for its pleasant climate

In Provence, you wake up to the sound of birdsong. This gives you a good dose of motivation to face the day. The blue sky and the warm climate are also among the department's greatest assets. The region has a mild, temperate Mediterranean climate. In summer, the temperature can exceed 30° during the day. But the nights are cooler. In winter, on the coast and in the plains, the temperature can go from -10 to 10°. In spring and autumn, the flora blooms and the landscape is truly breathtaking. The lush vegetation and the green landscape will certainly leave you speechless.

Provence, an exceptional city

Provence is characterised by the presence of small atypical villages and fields of olive trees and grapes as far as the eye can see. On weekends, you can organise outings to get away from the daily grind and strut your stuff in the fields. For those who like to hike, a walk on the Sainte-Victoire mountain will allow them to admire the beauty of the Provencal landscape. The Parc du Mugel in La Ciotat is a must for nature lovers. In any case, whatever your passion, you will not be bored in Provence. You will certainly appreciate the sweetness of life in the region where good humour is the rhythm of the inhabitants' lives.

Working or studying in Provence: is it a good idea?

Provence offers a better quality of life than the big cities. Indeed, nature is only a few steps away from the cities and the place is less polluted than in the capital. Moreover, it seems as if time stands still. During the breaks, people have enough time to go home and have a nice lunch before going back to work. This is probably due to the short travel time. In addition, property prices are more affordable. For the same budget, you will have the opportunity to buy a more spacious and better quality home. Finally, life is less stressful. After a hard day's work, you can relax in nature!

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