What is the typical French coffee?

According to some people, French coffee is filthy. Indeed, travel guides try to avoid the subject, as they find French coffee abject. Coffee made from beans is often bitter. As an explanation, the coffee is so because the beans are of poor quality. The French have long been known for their gastronomic quality. But when it comes to coffee, it is difficult to describe the quality of the product.

Why does French coffee have a bad reputation?

To find out more, click here or visit the specialist sites. If you have spent any time in France, you will know how difficult it is to enjoy coffee. Coffee is not easily accessible, especially in the French capital. The French people love and appreciate their traditions. It is especially difficult to change habits. However, in order to expand the world of coffee, the introduction of artisanal breweries in France is inevitable. Some people think that the introduction of roasting can permanently change their suture. Others think that it is just a step towards the future. Whatever the case, for coffee experts, Parisians are convinced of the quality of coffee.

What do you need to know about typical French coffee?

Coffee is one of the world's major crops. Tourists think that the French don't know how to make good coffee. In fact, it is not about coffee. French coffee exudes modernity. Apart from the over-extracted taste, classic French coffee tastes bitter. It is important to point out that not all inhabitants are fond of the taste of typical French coffee. The coffee is not bad, it is just that you are not used to its taste. Despite the reputation of being a terrible coffee, their palate has become accustomed to its taste. However, be prepared, as the coffee culture may be changing.

Where does this bad reputation come from?

French coffee is not bad according to the roasters. The bad reputation comes from France's colonisers. It is also due to the big companies that produce coffee in France. For many years, the colonisers imposed onerous taxes on coffee beans. The French produce robusta, which has a stronger taste than arabica. Palates have become more accustomed to this harsh taste. A coffee that remains in the market of the French population. Taste preference is a factor involved. To destroy this bad reputation, professionals want to provide quality coffees to customers.

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