The pleasures of the table: essential to France!

Every country in the world has its own customs and traditions when it comes to eating at the table. There are those who use different utensils from others like knives, spoons and forks. Others use chopsticks or their own hands to eat.

The pleasure of being at the table

Cooking and eating are an important part of a person's identity or even the country they come from. Apart from the language they use and symbolic representations such as religion. In France, there is a large section that boasts that they have the best food in the world. This has been popular since the time of the revolution when there was the diffusion of practices on gastronomy. This was reinforced in 2010 by their inclusion in the "French gastronomic meal". Two hundred participants took part in this cultural tradition. That is to say, the passion for the art of being on the table had existed for years in the past. It has been marked in various areas of life.

The triad in the kitchen: wheat, oil and wine

In various parts of the world, they use almost the same ingredients to attract customers to their restaurants. They use the famous Mediterranean triad of wheat, olive oil and wine. They add them to the dishes they prepare according to the richness that each house has such as fish or meat. They also use products such as beans and dried vegetables. They put them with game and various honey sweets as in a banquet. In Greece, it is a bit different because it divides the art of eating into two: the first one, everyone satiates themselves by eating food to fill the belly and the second one reserved only for men who love to drink wine.

Refinement in Rome

Rome receives products from every rich frontier as the practice of breeding such as birds or deer or antelopes or gazelles. They bring to the table the art of horticulture with varieties of fruits. For example, the vine, which is the basis of wine, can be heard in the Mediterranean. When they eat them without having to process them: either it is the Capua, or the Messina or the Falerna. It is Egypt which supplies him with wheat. Gaul delivers the best sausages. They also began to eat little-known dishes such as ostriches, storks and peacocks.

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