Why is Made in France booming?

Made in France has been growing in recent years. French fashion is currently on the international scene. As well as Fashion Week can also be exported internationally. There is a made in France fashion event that attracts journalists from all over the world twice a year. France seduces by its nature and its imaginary simplicity and its intergenerational characteristic. What does it show to the world?

Made in France is popular for its proven know-how and unique craftsmen

Made in France has had a worldwide reputation for many years. And this reputation evokes great names like Yves Saint-Laurent, Coco Chanel, Pierre Balmain and Jean-Paul Gautier. The evocation of these names gives a reference to a magnificent search for perfection and skill. A unique dissemination of knowledge: French schools know how to transmit this fashion intelligence to their apprentices. They are among the best and most meticulous training programmes in the world. Because craftsmanship is a demanding profession that requires years and years of practice.

Made in France is a reputation that is maintained

The French touch: There are French fashion figures and real sources of inspiration in everyday life, such as Charlotte Gainsbourg, Caroline de Maigret and Vanessa Paradis. They are featured in the most popular films and in the biggest international magazines that foreigners love. Social networks take over the maintenance of this reputation. They give permission to sell the fashion made in France with its monuments, icons and restoration including its style. Instagram is the most appropriate place to reveal the French touch. Moreover, the new generation is dominating in the art of premiering with made in France.

Made in France is becoming responsible and a forerunner

Made in France is improving its ethical materials, as it uses organic cotton. The clothes reduce their environmental impact. Moreover, its cultivation recently required water. And now it's grown with compost. And its water consumption is limited by half.

The trend towards up-cycling

Up-cycling needs to be about recycling old clothes to modify them and put them back on each season. Leading the way, Marine Serre provided a show that hit 2018 and received a promotion of up-cycling in trends. She used old silk scarves which she cleaned and then reconstructed into a dress.

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