What is the history of Banania chocolate?

During a trip to Nicaragua, Pierre-François Lardet saw a delicious drink made of banana and flour, crushed cereals, cocoa and sugar. It was Banania. For it was a French brand of chocolate products and drinks. He launched the brand in 1914 and Banania chocolate is owned by the company Nutrimaine. The production of Banania has been decentralised to Germany as of 2019.

The beginning of the Banania chocolate story

In 1912, Pierre-François Lardet reproduced this recipe for commercial purposes and created the Banania company. He then defined the precise proportion of banana flour, cocoa, cereals and sugar to be mixed to obtain an inimitable and unique taste with a pharmacist friend. He then started to find a name for his recipe. Names such as "Bananose", "Bananette", "Bacao", "Banarica" and "Banacao" are mentioned, but only BANANIA is chosen. For more information, click here. The first image of the Banania trademark is the Antillaise by H. Tishon. Right from the start, the energy and nutritional values of this new beverage are highlighted. For everything is well organised such as intensive overfeeding, energy, vigour, strength and health for the whole family. When the First World War broke out, Banania remained the soothing drink of France during the war. He decided to send fourteen wagon loads of the popular chocolate powder to the front to bring "vigour and strength" to the soldiers, who were fighting with courage.

The evolution of Banania chocolate from 1921

Pierre Lardet joins the hotelier Albert Viallat who will exchange him at the head of the company in 1924. BANANIA takes part in the French Colonial Exhibition in Paris with great success. Then, the designer Sepo renovated the tirailleur, which reformed that same year, the only metamorphosis of the brand in 1935. And in 1938, Banania chocolate became the sponsor of the Tour de France. This operation is then renovated from 1984 to 1986. Moreover, the brand appears again and noticed on this anecdote in 2003. And during the Second World War, the brands and slogans sent messages of comfort to the French population.

The popularity of Banania chocolate since 2000

In 2003, the holding company NUTRIAL in France made official the successful acquisition of BANANIA chocolate from Unilever. Banania accepted and signed various licensing agreements to develop and market Banania objects and accessories, biscuits including flavoured milk and seasonal chocolates for Easter and Christmas. In 2014, Banania Intense Flavour with 32% cocoa was launched. It is a gourmet gift for the whole family.

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