The Carambar jokes you shouldn’t miss!

These famous jokes on Carambar packaging have become a must over the years. So much so that they have their own expression: "making Carambar jokes". Here are a few classics: from riddles to salty jokes and funny stories.

Typical Carambar riddles

What's up? A lumberjack with a bit of a drinking problem, what does that mean? No idea? The answer: she carries a pink saw (cirrhosis) with her! Yes, Carambar is known for this kind of pun-based jokes. The packaging of this caramel brand had a lot of them. To find out more, visit Another one: what do you call a baguette that has trouble finding its way home? That's easy! Lost bread! Or what do you call an Indian whose head is under water? Simply a Sioux-marine! The Sioux are an American Indian people from the United States. And yes, that's the good thing about carambar jokes: they mix humour and knowledge and whet the appetite.

Endless funny stories

This one is a classic: the story of the two pumps. One day, two pumps were at a fashion show and were chatting with each other. One was worried. He wondered if he would be able to live up to the challenge. To give him confidence, his friend replied: "Yes, you have a crazy heel! That's the stuffing caramel is known for. Another one: a gentleman said that he had blisters all year round covering his hands. People were worried and asked him if he had a hard job. The man replied: "No, I'm a salesman in the electrical department! What a bunch of Carambars! They always have something funny to tell their food lovers, never short of inspiration.

Carambar jokes.... For adults

For those who thought that Carambar was only aimed at young people, think again. There are no less than 14 million packages (in limited edition) that contain special adult jokes. Yes, jokes that are not recommended for under 18s. Need a taste? What's hot up his sleeves and down his butt? A pan of course! And balls that excite old ladies? Any ideas? Don't look far! The answer is none other than: bingo. Yes, Carambar jokes are intergenerational, there really is something for everyone. Carambar has been making its consumers laugh for years. They have become loyal customers. This little caramel has won over the hearts and stomachs of people. The public hopes that this will continue for as long as possible.

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