How to define the French art of living?

In France, the art of living is a combination of elements that constitute an elusive intangible and a tangible heritage. French style is inseparable from a savoir-vivre that is becoming popular throughout the world. It is now becoming a way of life, and a way of seeing the world. It evokes a lively debate. What are the defining characteristics of the French way of life? Here are some ideas to help you understand it.

Gastronomy and love of wine

Gastronomy is considered the ambassador of the French art of living. It is an essential part of the French way of life. It is not about the content of the plate, but about the importance adjusted to the meal. In France, the moment of the meal requires a lot of attention and time. It is necessary to welcome the guests, to make a wine pairing, and to decorate a room with talent. French cuisine is distinguished by its creativity and refinement. In some divisions, such as pastry, the French are winning excellence. France's gentle way of life incites love, which is reflected in various American films, such as French Kiss. To find out more about the French art of living, you can visit

Haute couture and the luxury sector

First of all, France has a thriving luxury industry. Herm├Ęs, Louis Vuitton or even Louboutin, is one of the emblematic names of their prestigious products. These various high quality items are found in the fashion sector. Speaking of haute couture, Dior, Chanel, Lanvin and Saint-Laurent are among the noble houses of French haute couture. Obviously, the taste for detail varies according to the creations of the great French couturiers. The origin of haute couture is in France. Haute couture means the most meticulous workmanship in the making of clothes.

Freedom of expression and the land of literature

France is one of the countries of writers and philosophers of the Enlightenment. Indeed, its educational background is very much about wit and reflection. On freedom of expression, it allows everyone to voluntarily give their opinion. In exceptional cases, journalists enjoy freedom of the press, and they can choose modes of expression such as caricature or satirical drawing. Freedom of expression is about ensuring the freedom to think as one wishes, including freedom of the press, freedom of expression on the Internet, and freedom of audiovisual communication.

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