Visit the cellars of the great champagne houses

Champagne is a world famous French drink designed to celebrate many events from the simplest to the most noble. Because of this fame, its conception interests amateurs and arouses the curiosity of so many visitors from all over the world. The great champagne houses are proud to show off their impressive cellars and share the secret of the production of their great wines.

The must-see cellars of the great champagne houses

Apart from the cultural wealth such as the monuments, museums and tourist towns that France possesses, it is also at the top of the list in the field of agri-food. Oenology makes the country famous. In particular, the production of champagne is very successful. Most of the champagne houses are located in Epernay, Reims and Châlons-en-Champagne, such as Maison Pommery, Maison Taittiger, Maison Mercier, Maison Ruinart, Maison Moët et Chandon, etc. Each of these houses has its own originality in terms of know-how, history, cellar structure and products that distinguish them from one another.

Visit the wine regions

During your visit, you will not only discover different great houses with their know-how and products. But you also benefit from other activities. Among other things, you can take a leisurely stroll through the vineyards and admire the beautiful scenery of the endless vineyards. It is the ideal place to have a picnic if you are accompanied by your family or friends. For those of you who like cycling, you can take a bike ride through the vineyards and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Or explore the area and marvel at the beauty of its classic homes, historic buildings and lovely shops.

Getting to the heart of the champagne cellars

Your cellar tour will start by going a few metres underground in a gallery of about 20 kilometres. This depth depends on each house and the length of the cellar. For example, at Maison Mercier, you have to go down 30 metres into the chalky subsoil and walk through 18 km of bottle walls as far as the eye can see. Each cellar has millions of bottles well preserved without being exposed to light and heat. The visit to the cellars will always be accompanied by a guide who will tell you the history of the champagne house from the beginning and all the processes involved in making champagne. A tasting of its wines will conclude your visit. To make this experience memorable, you can treat yourself to some of the house's champagne.

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