Will Paris become the capital of cycling?

Currently, the city of Paris has become more popular. As a result, the use of bicycles has grown significantly. Indeed, the French use bicycles as a means of transport, especially for commuting to and from work. Will Paris become the cycling capital?

Is it possible to make Paris the cycling capital of the world?

To get around easily, the bicycle is one of the best means of transport. For this reason, Paris is developing a network of bicycle lanes. In 2020, the Parisian government's objective is to make Paris the bicycle capital of the world. To achieve this, the government is planning an unprecedented investment of around 150 million euros in order to double the length of cycle paths. Secondly, the creation of the cycle express network will make it possible to create protected, homogeneous, continuous and two-way facilities. With such a width, cyclists will benefit from safety, comfort and cohabitation. These facilities will be set up on the East-West and North-South routes, on the banks of the Seins and for the link between Boulogne and the Bois de Vincennes. Finally, the State aims to develop secondary and structural networks around the cycle express network. The three routes concerned will be the Maréchaux bypass, the Boulevard Saint-Germain bypass and the Fermiers-Généraux bypass. To complement the core network, a secondary network will be set up to link up the Parisian territory in order to provide detailed coverage of the cycle network.

The advantages of travelling by bike

At present, there has been a significant increase in the number of people travelling by bicycle in Paris. Indeed, the bicycle is now an efficient means of travel as it offers a number of advantages for everyone. It is an economical and fast means of transport. People who use bicycles will no longer have to worry about traffic jams and the various taxes and fuels. Cyclists will be able to cope with stress as they can chat and stop during their journeys and will no longer have the problems of traffic jams.

Cycling: health and environmental benefits

Cycling is both a means of transport and a sport while you travel. As a result, cycling is a very practical way to deal with many diseases such as overweight and cardiovascular accidents. Anyone can do this kind of sport. It is also an important means of transport for the environment as it does not emit toxic products and greenhouse gases.

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