The French love culture in all its forms

The French love to eat and drink, and they are just such a person. They are also proud of their food, which they often think is the best in the world. Many foreigners agree with this, but there are in fact some French culinary traditions that make them relatively confused.

French culture: the aperitif

Other countries have their own versions of the aperitif, such as the Italian aperitif, while the French aperitif has its own rules. The question about the aperitif usually comes from foreigners from countries that do not understand the concept of the aperitif. With the lambda aperitif, are you still hungry for dinner after the aperitif, are you still hungry after the aperitif dinner, the variations of the aperitif must be explained by yourself, should you have it when you drink it? You are welcome, what will we eat there? These questions are of course difficult, as everything depends on the occasion, the time of year, and even family traditions.

French culture: toasting

It's as if the north wind scares foreigners who don't know where to start. The act of toasting has made many non-French people cold and sweaty. It must be said that the rules are multiple and sometimes difficult to understand. Don't drink before you toast, which has really angered the Brits.Waiting for everyone else to drink before you take your pint? You should look into the eyes of the person you are toasting, not cross them, and, of course, toast with everyone present, including children under 5 holding a glass of shaking orange juice. So, after starting to toast for 20 minutes, you can finally drink.

French culture: Pastis and Ricard

This great classic summer aperitif is almost unknown outside the country. Usually it is explained that Pastis is like Marmite in the UK: you either love it or you hate it. It is very rare that foreigners who taste pastis for the first time cannot get used to it. Even if you know the exception, it is often said that to enjoy pasta, you have to drink it in the right conditions, namely: in the south of France In summer, with cicadas playing, come and have an aperitif on a terrace in the sun. We don't like Pastis, but the smell of fennel on summer evenings is synonymous with holidays.

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