France: a world showcase for haute couture

Many people believe that good taste and high fashion creations originate from this country, which has seen the birth of several great couturiers. Indeed, this country, and more precisely its capital Paris, has earned a reputation among countries around the world. Everyone working in the world of Haute Couture, as well as those interested in anything that falls within the field of fashion, know that France, and especially Paris, holds a place of choice among the high places of fashion.

Haute couture, centuries of history and trends

The capital of fashion is a title that France has held for years. If brands such as Chanel or Dior currently carry the torch of this reputation high, it should be known that the latter originates centuries before the modern era. Indeed, it was under the reign of King Louis XIV that France began to hold this reputation. For King Louis, nothing was more important than appearance and his main aim was to amaze and impress his neighbours as well as his enemies. The best tailors were therefore welcome at Versailles, where he sat with his court under a background of luxury and voluptuousness. This taste for fashion and Haute Couture influenced the population to a great extent, because even decades later, this taste for fashion was manifested by the creation of the first Haute Couture house by Charles Frederick Worth. Thus, France's love of haute couture has endured beyond time.

France's reputation, a success built on its designers

While France's reputation as the world's showcase for Haute Couture has its origins in the reign of Louis XIV, it is the existence of many designers who have made a name for themselves in this field that has enabled the country to maintain this reputation. The success of designers such as Coco Chanel with her women's trouser suit, or Jean Paul Gautier with the famous marinière have allowed France to shine in the field of Haute Couture.

A declining reputation

While it is true that Paris has always been considered the world capital of Haute Couture, cities such as Milan, London and New York are currently trying to dethrone France and its capital. It now has serious competitors in the field of Haute Couture. Competitors who are also trying to make a name for themselves in this very closed field.

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